Monday, April 04, 2011

Hired bloggers and sockpuppets in global disinformation campaign

Is debate on the internet always really free?

My red flags for trolls:

Whose side are you on?

You must be fanatically pro-Israel. Hired guns will make sure even reasonable objections, in limited cases, do not stick. There's no debate... Israel is always the innocent party. Sides are defined before the start, and discussion cannot be anything more than a rhetorical slanging match.

You must be fanatically pro-America, as if the US represents a perfect functioning nation we should all aspire to emulate. In reality Americans live under tyrannical global power elite.

You must be fanatically pro-Democracy and Capitalism. Anyone who supports both but doubts either exists is branded a communist/socialist.

Weird reasoning: it's so obvious WAR brings Democracy!

Trolls refuse to recognise the obvious... like the fact that wars of aggression/conquest do not deliver functioning democracy (elections do not make a democratic system) but puppet governments for the global state. NWO trolls try to make us believe war is actually for, and brings, democracy.

You are genocidal Nazis

Very traditional insult used by trolls since the dawn of the internet. NWO trolls use it to ridicule those who discuss global government and the global power wielded by banks that run the private Federal Reserve. Anyone who mentions Rockefeller, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, are not only "conspiracy theorists" but anti-semites who, if given power, will round up all the Jews and drop a nuke on Israel.

Total naivety and complete cynicism in one unwholesome package

Ridicule of those who suggest the government frequently engages in cover-ups as "conspiracy theorists" because government information is always right except in the specific cases when we know it's false, because those cases show how the government is infiltrated by socialists.

For but also against free speech

We must fight wars for freedom but ridicule those who suggest acts of terrorism - called "false flags" - are planned and funded against the West by a global cabal as "conspiracy theorists." And socialists. And Nazis. Whatever, they must shut up. Wars for freedom are too important for there to be any debate about it.

Anyone who protests against the government, does anything to undermine government power, is an anti-democratic socialist.

Lack of democracy, free speech, in West is always caused by socialism. Bankers and global power elite are not involved. Libertarians ... they simply don't exist in this universe.

It's possible to have these views and not be a troll for the global elite... I've shared some of these views over the last 10 years. But to aggressively stand behind them and prevent others from airing alternative opinions, while more and more people discover the alternatives, when researched, to be a reasonable view, is at the very least a losing strategy.

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