Sunday, April 17, 2011

Have the real Cesium-137 fallout maps been hidden from public?

Compare these two images.

First the publicly released Cs-137 total column fallout map for 24th March. This analysis was made on 26th March.

Now the map on the server here for the same time on the same date. The key gradient is the same. This analysis was made the day before, on the 25th March.

That's right, it shows the Northern Hemisphere getting absolutely plastered with radioactive Cesium-137. If this is incorrect, why is it kept on file and not the public one?  If it is the real version, why is it not publicly released?

Source: five minutes in here. Two youtubers, patrioticspace and dutchsinse are going to travel America with radiation detectors to find out accurate information on what exactly is falling to the ground.

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