Saturday, April 09, 2011

Five contours of the plausibly deniable World War III

The third world war is here and it can be denied.

Here are five amazing things I've learned in the last four months.

1. The Federal Reserve is not part of the US government. It's a private organization that does not even provide accounts. The Federal Reserve is run by globalist Anglo-American-European cabal of bankers which includes, at the top, Rockefellers and Rothschilds. They are using the Federal Reserve to crash the global economy to bring in a global currency and global state. That is, all currencies will soon have to be linked to one metal-backed global currency, and the economy and laws of all states will have to be on rail-tracks set by the global state.

2. Globalists and other governments possess weather weapons which they use to attack countries with earthquakes and tsunamis to blackmail them to do whatever they want. One of the American devices is called HAARP. Other countries, including Russia, have equivalents (photo of "giant Tesla coils" below). HAARP has been cited in this United Nations document as a "heavy type nuclear device".

HAARP was used to take out the coastal Fukushima nuclear power plant to cause an economic and environmental crisis and ensure Japan could not become powerful and independent from globalists while the world economy is demolished. Indonesia was hit with a massive tsumani after a dispute with the globalists over transit rights through the geo-politically crucial Malacca Straits. Haiti was turned to rubble by a HAARP-quake to bottleneck millions of dollars of donations in NGO bank accounts and provide the US Military another military base (humanitarian reasons, always). The trademark aurora-like flashing lights in the sky that pre-warns of a HAARP strike have also been seen before earthquakes in China.

A significant part of World War III apparently involves the world's elite attacking each other with man-made natural disasters as a result of Tesla ionospheric super-heating with civilians a deliberate target.

The "Tesla weapon" is used by pumping billions of watts of energy into the ionosphere from these things where it rebounds back down to earth onto the designated target spot, such as deep into a fault-line, which causes the earthquake (often assisted by natural forces when used in conjunction with moon's gravity). These weather modification systems are used day-to-day and they leave ring-shaped traces on radar.

3. The silver commodities market is heavily manipulated by a group of bankers including JP Morgan, who have made billions of dollars of unfair profit by suppressing the price of silver. The reason for this manipulation is because physical silver does not return a sum in interest so to hold it is, well, boring. Instead they have been gaming the system to make more money than they could by simply holding silver - using the huge JP Morgan war chest to short the market with a flood of paper silver contracts - representing so much silver that most of it doesn't exist to be delivered -  to knock out the "stops" of small fry and then buy back the silver cheaper.

When the silver price is suppressed, like a beach-ball submerged under water, the manipulative bankers know the price will always rebound after they do it. They can continue the practice, eating up the small fry, ad infinitum. Well, they could have done, until Max Keiser's Silver Liberation Army charged onto the battlefield to take possession of all the available cheap physical silver, call JP Morgan's bluff on their ability to deliver silver, and make them pay cash to settle physical silver contracts. When the silver price, now at $40.90, reaches $50 JP Morgan is expected to meltdown.

4. Andrea Rossi's invention the Rossi Energy Catalyzer is on the market.  Rossi's cold fusion device uses nickle and hydrogen to produce energy and copper. Rossi put millions of his own money into the project. One prototype has been heating a factory non-stop for one year.  Currently two commercial-scale plants are being built in the United States and Greece. This amazing, no-carbon cheap energy can provide the needs of a single household from a unit inside the garage that is the size of a refrigerator. Obviously, with the energy revolution this and other inventions promise, the globalists can no longer hold a monopoly and control us through energy supplies. Therefore this liberating technology is likely to meet resistance.

5. The food "revolutions" in the Middle East - caused by bankers using donations of bailouts and printed money to hoard commodities rather than provide loans to small businesses, thus raising prices globally - are manipulated and guided by globalists to create a deliberately chaotic situation. The intention is to bring in more radical governments (the Libyan rebels are Al Qaeda) and take the price of a barrel of oil to $200 as part of the globalist agenda to crash the global economy and bring in the aforementioned global empire. After this mass killings will begin using the flicker rates of television "kill" screens and fluorescent light bulbs to program mass convulsions as the globalists attempt to reduce the world population by at least 80%. Brent crude is now at $125. They must be stopped.

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