Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Libya: will Al Qaeda rebels execute Gadaffi's one million black immigrants?

They've started. Worrying news from Africa, the globalist coalition is doing what we expected: providing military cover for Libyan Al Qaeda extremists (the rebels) to ethnically-cleanse black people from Gadaffi's secular, post-nationalist Libya.

ADDIS ABABA — While much of the world’s attention is focusing on crude oil prices and the Libyan pipelines in the east of the country– human right groups say rebels are committing crimes against humanity.

In east Libya, African hunt began as towns and cities began fall under the control of Libyan rebels, mobs and gangs. They started to detain, insult, rape and even executing black immigrants, students and refugees.

In the past two weeks, more than 100 Africans from various Sub-Sahara states are believed to have been killed by Libyan rebels and their supporters.

The big lie about the Libyan occupation (British special forces have been on the ground since February) is not only that we are there to protect innocent civilians. They actually want more control over the oil and gas, and Gadaffi's gold.

But also, the warmongers scare us with wild stories that Gadaffi is going to explode an immigration bomb - send boatloads of immigrants to the European Union. The only way stop him? Invade Libya.

In fact, Gadaffi imported the approximately one million Africans for himself from the African Union in a transparent attempt to "elect a new people" who would be supportive his dictatorial rule. The globalist cartel through the European Union has pursued the same strategy.

Presumably, he doesn't want them going anywhere because Gadaffi recently armed his supportive civilians with Kalashnikovs and other weapons.  Currently, Gadaffi  held areas can resist the onslaught of ethnic-cleansing to be expected from the globalist Al Qaeda rebels.

But if Tripoli is stormed and Gadaffi is forced out an armed civilian population will be a perfect excuse to send in the "humanitarian" globalist blue bottles to persuade the civilians to disarm themselves and so return the initiative to the ethnic-cleansers.

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