Thursday, March 31, 2011

Toyota War II: Rebels out-thought by Gadaffi forces

A rare good BBC News article, written by John Simpson, has an enlightening account of the tactical battle currently being fought between the Libyan government and the Globalist-Al Qaeda axis.

Essentially what is described is a repeat of the Toyota war, a 1980s era battle when Chad destroyed Libya's mechanised army with a dozen highly mobile Toyota 4x4s, with machine guns and rocket launchers bolted on the back of them.

Until yesterday the rebels had been employing these Chadian tactics very effectively. Under the cover of globalist airstrikes, using the Toyota technicals, they had ploughed through the Libyan front, running rings around the Libyan army, all the way to the strategic coastal town of Sirte.

Sirte is a strategic outpost - the seesaw point - as it lies on the one road that connects the two mass populated halves of Libya. Currently the rebels controls the East - Cyrenacia - and Gadaffi the West, including Sirte.

To defend Sirte Gadaffi's men jumped out of their tanks and into their own Toyotas. Their speed enabled them to skirmish effectively to defend the town and helped neutralise the rebel's air superiority because it was difficult to tell from the air whose vehicle belonged to which side.

Now since the Libyan army has picked up the light weapons, the talk is inevitably of arming the rebels with heavier weapons, or a globalist lead full ground invasion. Or maybe they will just stick peacekeepers in the middle and call it a score-draw.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Libyan war part of larger story of Al Qaeda doing globalists' dirty work

Al Qaeda's "most wanted" Anwar Al-Awalaki invited to dinner at Pentagon shortly after 9/11.

An Al Qaeda leader who is one of the most wanted men in the world was invited for lunch at the Pentagon in the aftermath of the September 11 terrorist attacks, a new report has claimed.

New documents have been obtained which apparently detail how Anwar Al-Awlaki, the first American on the CIA's kill or capture list, rubbed shoulders with high-ranking military personnel just months after the atrocities.

They have also found innovative ways to funnel money to their so-called enemy of the "War on Terror."

The US paid an al Qaeda foot soldier a £17 million reward for the capture of terror mastermind Khalid Shaikh Mohammed - including a £1.2 million bonus to relocate to Britain, it was reported today.

The Libyan Al Qaeda has been on the payroll of British intelligence since at least 1996.

One of the goals of all this funding is to shape and shove the food "revolutions" across the Middle East into a radical Sunni alliance to support a war against Shiite Iran.

Libya: will Al Qaeda rebels execute Gadaffi's one million black immigrants?

They've started. Worrying news from Africa, the globalist coalition is doing what we expected: providing military cover for Libyan Al Qaeda extremists (the rebels) to ethnically-cleanse black people from Gadaffi's secular, post-nationalist Libya.

ADDIS ABABA — While much of the world’s attention is focusing on crude oil prices and the Libyan pipelines in the east of the country– human right groups say rebels are committing crimes against humanity.

In east Libya, African hunt began as towns and cities began fall under the control of Libyan rebels, mobs and gangs. They started to detain, insult, rape and even executing black immigrants, students and refugees.

In the past two weeks, more than 100 Africans from various Sub-Sahara states are believed to have been killed by Libyan rebels and their supporters.

The big lie about the Libyan occupation (British special forces have been on the ground since February) is not only that we are there to protect innocent civilians. They actually want more control over the oil and gas, and Gadaffi's gold.

But also, the warmongers scare us with wild stories that Gadaffi is going to explode an immigration bomb - send boatloads of immigrants to the European Union. The only way stop him? Invade Libya.

In fact, Gadaffi imported the approximately one million Africans for himself from the African Union in a transparent attempt to "elect a new people" who would be supportive his dictatorial rule. The globalist cartel through the European Union has pursued the same strategy.

Presumably, he doesn't want them going anywhere because Gadaffi recently armed his supportive civilians with Kalashnikovs and other weapons.  Currently, Gadaffi  held areas can resist the onslaught of ethnic-cleansing to be expected from the globalist Al Qaeda rebels.

But if Tripoli is stormed and Gadaffi is forced out an armed civilian population will be a perfect excuse to send in the "humanitarian" globalist blue bottles to persuade the civilians to disarm themselves and so return the initiative to the ethnic-cleansers.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Dr. Michio Kaku: "obviously this accident has exceeded three mile island"

Japanese government considers raising accident level to 6 from 5 after nuclear meltdowns and plutonium leaks confirmed.

So we have, at least -

3 Meltdowns
1 Fuel pod exposed to air
Hydrogen gas explosions

So, let's ignore the crisis and refrain from using such emotional terms as "disaster." Not.

Dr. Kaku warns of "permanent dead-zones in Japan." That's obviously going to be the case around the nuclear plants for the near economic future. Question is whether it will eventually be safe enough even for the Mammoths those Japanese scientists are supposed to be bringing back.

Exclusive: Is this a 'smoking gun' video of TUC protest Agent Provocateur trashing HSBC?

Footage from BBC News coverage of the TUC protest day shows unusual behaviour from a particular "protester" with a black hood and white trainers. The man appears to show something to a uniformed policeman and then crosses police lines in the middle of a fight.

It is obviously now important to find out if there is footage elsewhere of this protester being violent.

Hold up... here we are. This guy may be the same one that rampaged through HSBC. Starts 1.13, he was outside before then with what looked to be a beer can.

Point against this theory: the trousers of the man in the first video look lighter - perhaps blue, whereas this guy's are black. That doesn't rule him out, of course. Having been witnessed on video he may have gone to a shop and changed them. He could claim back the cost on expenses.

Here are some stills

Entering HSBC intent on causing some criminal damage

He didn't like the camera

Hooligan behaviour

Blending into the crowd

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Nuclear Engineer compares Fukushima disaster to Chernobyl

Arne Gundersen says the Fukushima dispersal towers are not functioning which has caused leaking radiation to roll out the sides of the destroyed reactor buildings. As a result, 20-30 miles outwards there is significant contamination. Even at this great distance, the IAEA reports the contamination is 1600 times normal background radiation. Then he compares the environmental damage to Chernobyl.

Now in comparison, and it's not an exact comparison, but it's pretty good, at Chernobyl the IAEA considered a hotspot if the beta contamination exceeded 500,000 disintegrations every second, or 0.5 mega-becequerels per square meter. So this is on the same realm as what a radioactive hotspot was considered at by the IAEA after Chernobyl.

This is the video. He expects the radiation to continue to leak for a number of weeks, during which time he may post updates.

Edit: an anonymous commentator here provides more explanatory detail.

The Becequerel is a measure of radioactivity - that is the rate of nucleus decays per second - so a given mass of a short-lived isotope, like Iodine-131, will have a much higher Becequerel value than the same mass of a long-lived isotope, like Uranium-235, but of course, with Iodine the radioactivity will only last weeks, for Uranium it will last much longer than that.

The conclusion I get is that in terms of radioactive decays this is a speeded-up Chernobyl and as such is no less dangerous in the short-term. As long as uranium and plutonium is not being leaked in significant quantities this won't be a "Chernobyl".

Fortunately for Japan, the Fukushima reactors are lined up along the Pacific coast so the area of contamination is semi-circular rather than circular, and the wind has mostly been blowing away from land. Although the coast and sea will also be contaminated, radiation is more easily dispersed in water.

Since this video it has been reported: Neutron beam observed 13 times. This is thought to be proof that fission has occurred and that the process of meltdown has begun many times in at least one reactor.

Another reports shows, as I suspected, the evacuation zone is not large enough. Radiation Extends Past Zone, New Report Says

But the model showed that areas where cumulative exposure over 12 days reached 100 millisieverts—the government's maximum for infants—extended beyond the evacuation zone. A map based on data from the center showed areas that received a cumulative 100 millisieverts extended as far as about 40 kilometers northeast and south from the plant.

Official sources say, there are currently three power plants at the Fukushima facility which are accident Level 5 (Chernobyl was 7), which makes it (offically) equivalent to three Three Mile Islands occurring at the same time.

For some people though, this is not a disaster enough. The way to show how clever you are is to deny there has been any problems at all at Fukushima and all reports of leaking radiation are exaggerated and hyped in a way that would suggest the radiation is bad for people. Alex Jones has offered to fly one of these people, Ann Coulter, to Japan, First Class, to take a dip in the cooling pools.

However, I'm not a complete nuko-phobe as I recommend this article highlighting that there is a less risky form of nuclear power available, if we want it: Safe nuclear does exist, and China is leading the way with thorium.

Edit 2: Here's another video which covers Fukushima. This time of an interview with a nuclear engineer responsible for the clean-up at Chernobyl.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

What the MSM won't tell you about the Libyan rebels

Before I do, quote of the day -
“Every ten years or so, the United States needs to pick up some small crappy little country and throw it against the wall, just to show the world we mean business.”

Obama's Jonah Goldberg War

Isn't it remarkable how long they had to wait build up a critical mass of propaganda - Colin Powell's Yellow Cake / Tony Blair's 45 minutes INCOMING! - to fight a war against Iraq. The Libyan war has sneaked up almost unnoticed... express delivery. Like most things, I suppose invading relatively defenseless countries with the world's most powerful militaries to steal their resources gets easier with practice.

Why are we there?

As we know the globalists want Libya's oil and gas, whether they'll take it all or just half and let Gadaffi keep the Tripoli half (two dictators better than one) I don't know. Here's the obligatory map.

However, some of those who realise this obvious fact believe that there is another good reason for contaminating Libya with uranium depleted ordnance: Gadaffi is holding the European Union hostage by threatening to release an immigration flood. We must invade Libya, to stop immigration!

Good one!!!11.

The real story about Libyan immigration is of course not that they're on the verge of coming over here because of anything the Arab-Berber dictator Gadaffi is doing, nasty as he is. Libya's 1 million black African immigrants come from African Union (they have one too) and Gadaffi deliberately imported them to expand his support base outside his tribe. He doesn't want them to leave.

Libya and Gadaffi has been a central player in expanding the African Union, which has been an alliance vehicle for the projection of Gadaffi's influence after pan-Arabism failed to do anything exciting, like win a war against Israel.

The immigrant exodus is more likely to occur if the rebels successfully take the Western half of Libya, as they recently tried to do on their own.

This manufactured "humanitarian disaster" may of course be stopped with the intervention of foreign troops, which must be considered a given now - Egypt's new globalist military dictatorship looks ripe for that.

So the rebels are Libya's BNP, with added hot-headedness. Put that in your Guardian column and ruminate on it.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Amazing image showing Japan quake supercluster

Image taken from USGS's Google Earth KML.

In addition to plate tectonics, explanations of this phenomenon include the tension-clearing effects of supermoon and the impact of a huge solar flare on March 11th, and triggered by HAARP.

How much oil and gas is there in Yemen?