Sunday, February 27, 2011

In fiat democracy the extended suffrage debases the value of the electorate

There has been talk that we don't have a democracy, or that we shouldn't have a democracy because in an electoral system the people vote for the worst elements of high society - the liars, conmen, thieves and warmongers, the lawyers and bankers who pay them. 

Our problem is not democracy but our fiat democracy. Our problem is not the process of asking the people what they want, but that of the people being asked the majority are ignorant of governing process, and societal, economic and political of reality. Often, this is by life-choice. 

The state puts its valuable democratic system into the hands of the worst elements of low society - the naive young women, the fops who revel in ignorance of anything that isn't connected to their own personal entertainment, the gullible who read the main stream media and do not do their own research.

Like a coin that has been debased of its valuable metals, over the years the size of our electorate has been extended and extended and debased of its collective intelligence, until it has now become a worthless prop of a hyper-power elite. 

No amount of extending the suffrage will save a democracy as its value depends on a "Gold Standard" where the intelligence of an individual voter is redeemable at the sperm/egg bank.  All should have the opportunity to be given a vote but those who are actually allowed on the electoral register for, say, a limited to five-year governing cycle must meet a minimum reasoning ability.


  1. Democracy cannot produce good government when the people are corrupt.

  2. I make the same points myself. A basic understanding of politics and governance is essential in an elector.