Monday, November 08, 2010

Back-of-envelope geopolitical map South East Asia

Pink and green lines are approximation of road links. Red lines are Pakistan-Chinese axis, blue lines Indian-Western axis.

I have India pushing into Central Asia for trade and security purposes, to surround and control Pakistan. A new road has been built from the less-Pashtun north Afghanistan to Iran so India can trade with Afghanistan without going through Pakistan. This road also links Russia with India. Although Russia has military sales agreements with India I have Iran and Russia neutral-ish. The short road from Afghanistan to India through Pakistan is still the more efficient route for Indian trade with Central Asia, particularly for the north of India. China's interest in the region is not getting its supply route dominated by India - hence the new road through the Himalayas to Pakistan.

As you can see from my interpretation Afghanistan is fundamentally split down the middle. Ethnically, as I have suggested before, but also geopolitically.

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